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Heerlen – The seventh and final race of the Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft (IDM) 2022 had two faces. On Friday afternoon Leon Langstädtler was killed in an accident. The matches, and any titles, were celebrated in a gloomy manner on Sunday. Milan Merckelbagh is always strong at the Hockenheim circuit and so is this time. The student still had a view on sixth place in the final standings, but unfortunately that didn't work out. The season ended with a third place in race 2. Max Enderlein already secured the title during the previous race.

The training sessions are going well and Milan is able to set strong lap times. The differences are smaller from the previous races but with a ninth time he has to start from the third row in both races. With a little more luck there could have been a fourth place on the grid, which of course gives confidence for the races!

There had been some rain before noon, but because the track dried up quickly, the right tires had to be chosen at the last minute. Despite the wet spots, the student had slicks fitted. The start goes well and the Yamaha rider manages to settle into the leading group from the third row. The Dutch felt well at home because Melvin van der Voort, Koen Meuffels, Twan Smits and Milan form the top four in the initial phase. Later, Van der Voort and de Heerlenaar distance themselves to drive away from their pursuers for more than 30 seconds. However, the race management penalizes Milan for a 'jump start'. He has to face a double long lap penalty but the IXS-clad driver is in such a fight that he can't see the race director's sign. The battle with Van der Voort is won but a disqualification follows.....
Driven, Milan starts for the last race of the season. Again a super start and he joins the group of seven drivers behind leader Van der Voort. He takes some distance and wins the second race at the Hockenheimring with a big lead. After De Vleeschauwer crashes in second position, the other riders fight for that second position. Smits eventually finished second ahead of Hertrampf MO Yamaha Racing driver, who thus takes revenge on the earlier decision of the race management. In addition, it is also a completely Dutch stage!

Milan Merckelbagh:
“Mixed feelings about the weekend, the first race was so good but I missed the race director's board. The images of the start clearly show that my neighbor does not leave well. My start is very good and that's why it looks like I'm leaving too early but the other drivers who in images leave at the same time as myself. Later I hear that the board was only brought out after ten laps. In my duel for the lead and in order not to miss the ideal dry line, I missed that. The second race was good, I'm happy to finish the season with a podium finish."

Next time:
The championship is over and the arrows are now focused on 2023. It is not yet clear what that season will look like, but behind the scenes a lot of hard work is being done for the coming season.

Results IDM #7; Hockenheim, D:
Race 1
1. Melvin van der Voort NL Yamaha
2. Luca De Vleeschauwer B Kawasaki
3. Severin Bingisser CH Kawasaki
4. Koen Meuffels NL Yamaha
5. Leon Lambing A Yamaha
DQ. Milan Merckelbagh NL Yamaha

Race 2
1. Melvin van der Voort NL Yamaha
2. Twan Smits NL Yamaha
3. Milan Merckelbagh NL Yamaha
4. Max Enderlein D Yamaha
5. Christoph Beinlich D Yamaha

Final standings IDM SuperSport:
1. Max Enderlein D Yamaha 251
2. Melvin van der Voort NL Yamaha 208
3. Luca De Vleeschauwer B Kawasaki 176
5. Twan Smits NL Yamaha 167
8. Milan Merckelbagh NL Yamaha 103

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