Info about Milan Merckelbagh

Milan Merckelbagh is an experienced motorcycle racer in motorsport, with years of experience he has already driven several competitions. Just before Milan's 4th birthday, he got on the Yamaha PW and rode it around the Indenhof campsite without any effort. Other bikes soon followed, such as KTM 50, Kawasaki 65 and Yamaha 85.

Father had made his own cross terrain for the children, he was ridden for at least a few hours every day, just for fun because there were no aspirations to compete yet. A short time later, the 'real' cross circuits were looked up and Milan had a lot of fun racing on large tracks.

During this period, motor camping In den Hof set up its own Supermotor Team, sponsoring, among other things, 2 Inter-drivers. These riders regularly trained on circuits such as Francorchamps and Bilstain and Milan was also allowed to join, because his father had already converted the dirt bike into a super bike.