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Heerlen - During the fifth competition of the Internationale Deutsche Motorradmeisterschaft (IDM), Milan Merckelbagh has firmly established itself in the top ten. The Limburger finished tenth and eleventh during the races at the TT Circuit of Assen. Both victories went to Glenn van Staalen, Max Enderlein continues to lead the championship with two races left on the calendar.

A week before the IDM race in Assen, Milan came into action during the Jack's Race Day. This event was used to make extra meters on the track which is not always good for the student. A good preparation for the fifth game of the season was therefore very welcome. In the free practice sessions we worked on the adjustment of the Yamaha. Milan was able to compete well in the top ten, but the pace picked up considerably in qualifying. The IXS-supported driver had to be satisfied with a thirteenth place on the grid.

From thirteenth on the grid, Milan starts very well during the first race. He works his way up to seventh place but the leading group is just too fast. The battle for the places in the top ten is fierce but Milan manages to hold its own and cross the finish line in tenth position. Milan takes the points from seventh place thanks to three guest drivers! In the second race, the Hertrampf MO Yamaha Racing rider manages to come out of the first lap in eleventh position. The connection with the group in front of him is sought, but he is unable to find it. Eleventh place goes to Heerlen, but the points from eighth place are added to the total by the guest drivers.

Milan Merckelbagh:
“It was a difficult weekend, but the results were good and that gives a good feeling for the coming races. Certainly not satisfied with the lap times but in the championship I am doing good business. On to the race in Austria!”

Next time:
The first weekend of September, the championship travels to Austria. The race will be held at the Spielberg circuit, better known as the Red Bull Ring. This is followed by the grand final on September 24-25 at the Hockenheim circuit.

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Results IDM #5; Assen, NL:
Race 1
1. Glenn van Straalen NL Yamaha
2. Melvin van der Voort NL Yamaha
3. Sander Kroeze NL Yamaha
4. Andrea Kofler A Kawasaki
5. Luca De Vleeschauwer B Kawasaki
10. Milan Merckelbagh NL Yamaha

Race 2
1. Glenn van Straalen NL Yamaha
2. Melvin van der Voort NL Yamaha
3. Luca De Vleeschauwer B Kawasaki
4. Victor Steeman NL Yamaha
5. Jan-Ole Jahning D Yamaha
11. Milan Merckelbagh NL Yamaha

IDM SuperSport standings:
1. Max Enderlein D Yamaha 216
2. Luca De Vleeschauwer B Kawasaki 150
3. Andrea Kofler A Kawasaki 138
4. Melvin van der Voort NL Yamaha 113
5. Jan-Ole Jahning D Yamaha​ 95
10. Milan Merckelbagh NL Yamaha 71

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